Sunday, March 27, 2011

28 weeks...

Tomorrow I will be 28 weeks. I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy is going. I am finally starting to feel more movement. I was beginning to think that I was having the laziest baby ever. :) I am learning that with your third pregnancy you pretty much have contractions non-stop. Hopefully that means my body is a pro at this and will give me an easy labor. :)

We are not finding out the sex of the baby, which is very new to me. My kids are so excited to find out what we will have. Of course Rylee wants a girl and Nathan wants a boy.

For anyone who doesn't know I am planning on having my baby at home. I am very excited about this. With both Rylee and Nathan, my pregnancies were high risk. I was the one that was considered high risk because of my heart condition. I had to go to Seattle every week and see a perinatologist. However after Nathan was born I had a procedure done on my heart and I am considered all better. No longer high risk. It has been so wonderful being able to have a midwife this time around.

If all goes according to plan :) I will blog about my birth story during labor. This is something I wish that I could have done with Rylee and Nathan. I forgot the details so fast. In the next few weeks I will share all that I can remember of their birth stories. Has anyone else blogged during their labor?

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