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Rylee's Birth Story: Part 3- A baby Girl!

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Warning: Some people may not want to read this...

Holding Rylee for the first time was amazing! I felt so much love for her. I never wanted to let her go. Unfortunately I did not have a choice. She turned blue in my arms. They took her from me and started fussing around her. They put an oxygen mask on her and said they were taking her to the NICU (which was five floors away).

They moved me to a regular room. Eventually a doctor came in and told us that they thought she had spinal meningitis and they needed to do a spinal tap on her to find out. He recommended starting antibiotics as soon as possible because the longer we waited the higher the risk of her dying. Tim and I were brand new parents and just agreed to everything they said. I didn't get to see her for awhile. 

I did ask for a breast pump and asked that they not give her any formula. They threatened told me that I would not be able to keep up with Rylee's milk needs. They said that I needed to pump 2 oz every three hours otherwise they would supplement with formula. The nurses were amazed I pumped 2 oz my very first time. I asked a nurse when my milk was going to come in and she laughed and said that it obviously already had (she was wrong). 

They finally let us go see her. Tim changed her first diaper and then we fed her my breast milk with a syringe dropper. We then had to weigh her and make sure that she weighed 2 oz more then she had. We had to get her back in her incubator as soon as possible because she wasn't keeping herself warm. We hadn't slept in a long time so we went back to our rooms and slept for 1 1/2 hours and then did it all again. This time I changed her diaper. We repeated this over and over. 

The test results came back and it turns out she didn't have spinal meningitis. However because they had given antibiotics she would need to stay in the NICU for a  total of three days. 

Finally, on the 3rd day they said she could come home. Tim gave her a bath for the first time. We got her dressed, did the hospital test and Auntie Tami drove us all home.

 I finally get to nurse...

 Grandma Airplane (my mom) with Rylee...

 Rylee's first bath...
Auntie Tami and Jadeyn...
 Grammie and Jadeyn visiting...
The day we came home from the hospital my milk came in... wow... they were hard as concrete. I didn't have a pump. That night Rylee refused to eat. My breast were drowning her every time I removed the breast pads so I think she at least got some in her mouth... and her eyes and her nose and her ears. I tried all night long. She cried and cried. I cried with her. The next day we went to the hospital to rent a pump and the lady there explained to me that it was impossible for Rylee to latch on because I was so engorged. When we got home I pumped like 20 ounces. Rylee latched on and ate after that. Nursing went okay after that. I just had to pump before and after feeding her to give a little relief. I was always still full afterwards. Over time I was able to pump less and less until I finally regulated.

 Taking a nap with daddy, 7 days old

 8 days old
 8 days old

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