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2011-2012 Curriculum Picks...


These are our 2011-2012 curriculum choices as part of the Not Back-to School Blog Hop
Rylee is 6/1st grade- she will turn 7 at the beginning of the school year and Nathan is 4/Pre-K. Xanthe will be 2 months when school starts this year.

Calendar Time:
This is our breakfast/learning time:
We have little charts to fill out for weather, date, day, temperature, etc. You can take a peek at our Calendar Time Materials.

Scripture Study:
This year a lot of our history will involve Scripture Study due to the fact that we are studying Ancient History which follows closely with the Old Testament.
We will also continue reading the New Testament until January.

I have decided to use Math on the Level this year. I love this for a lot of reasons. One thing I really like is that it is non-consumable. In the long run it is very affordable. It is not open and go like Math-U-See but I think we will all really enjoy it. I plan to use this with both Rylee and Nathan if he is interested.

We will be studying Ancient History in Chronological order this year. Our main history books include...
The Mystery of History
The Story of the World: Ancient History
Genesis through Deuteronomy
Joshua through Malichi
The Story of the Ancient World
A Child's History of the World
The Usborne book of World History
We will be reading the beginning reader- Old Testament Stories. We will be watching videos from Living Scriptures: Old Testament (We love these!!) We will practice songs from the Children’s Songbook.
I have a lot of ideas for activities to go along with different parts of history. I have a pretty large booklist but that will come in a different post.

Edited to add... Draw and Write through History and Old Testament Workbook.

We will continue our State Studies. We will be using Trekking across the United States printables from Michelle over at Musings of Me and Road Trip USA that Erica created over at Confessions of a Homeschooler. We have used both and they are fantastic.
We will also use Wonder Maps.

My kids will each be building their own Timeline. It will be in a binder so that they can add pages over the years. We will use History through the Ages Timeline Figures.

Language Arts:
I had a very hard time choosing a Language Arts Curriculum. I wrote about all the LA options I was considering.

Queen Homeschool Language Lessons: This is based on Charlotte Mason Principles- Copywork, Dictation, Narration. News Flash!: This book teaches how to use the daily newspaper to teach Grammar. I haven't seen anything like it before and it would double as a good way to keep up on current events. It is designed for 1st- 3rd graders. We will also use Draw then Write and My Journals About Me: Journal prompts for young children.

Letter of the Week: We will continue our Letter of the Week program next year. This is mostly for Nathan. Rylee is a little old for the games that we used this year. She may still choose to do the younger games but I will be adding older activities for her as well. I am going to incorporate Science into our letter of the week this year. We will be studying all things nature so it should be easy to mix the two together. 

Readers will include:
 We will use Alphabetti readers. We own several "I Can Read Books" and I will buy more throughout the year. We also have all of the phonics readers for the Tag Reading systemBob Books and I See Sam Readers. We will use McGuffey ReadersFun with Dick and Jane Readers and Elson Readers (these are from the same author as Fun with Dick and Jane).

Before five in a row and Five in a Row. These have a lot of questions and activities that go along with some of our favorite stories. I wish I had bought these a couple of years ago. Fairy Tale Cookbooks: Cookbook for Young Readers. Literature Pockets: Hands on paper crafts to go along with Stories by Evan-Moore... Caldecott WinnersFolktales & FairytalesNursery Rhymes

Jeub's Complete Guide to Speech and Debate- Part of this book focuses on very young children.

We will cover famous Musicians as we come to them in our history studies. We will also study the individual instruments. I am hoping to get a piano this year so that they can begin lessons. I may start playing the Flute again to inspire Rylee. She is interested in the Violin.

Foreign Language:
I will be purchasing the Rosetta Stone Homeschool edition program. I haven't decided yet which I will purchase. Probably Greek or Spanish. I will be doing this one myself and if Rylee would like to do lessons she can.
We will continue to watch Signing Time Videos. They are so great!

Artistic Pursuits K-3 Book one for lessons. We have several Art books we will be reading. I will make a list in a separate post. Rylee really wants to learn how to draw this year. We will be using Drawing with Children as our instruction. And of course we still love to do Beautiful Junk. 

Family Read Alouds:
We will continue with "Little House on the Prairie". We may start the Lamplighter collection next.

Science: We will be learning all about Nature- a broad topic for sure. I think we will probably do this for a couple of years. I have pretty extensive book list which I will write up in another post. Some we will get from the library. Our main books will be from Apologia... Exploring Creation...


Extra Curricular:
Rylee wants to do T-Ball this year. I am considering Gymnastics and Karate for both of them as well. I am not sure. Rylee really wants to do Ballet and Ice Skating too. There is no way I am going to be able to keep all of that up. We also have our TJED homeschool group every Friday.


  1. Thanks for stopping by to comment on my blog! What a full year you have ahead of you! Such interesting topics to cover :)

    Come Sit By Me is like 5 In a Row except it uses books by Canadian authors and breaks them up into topics... such as studying Canada, Inuit, Grandparents... etc

  2. What great books. We love FIAR.

  3. Stopping by on the HOTM Hop and you are going to have a GREAT year!!! Hope you will hop by our blog to see what all we have planned ... you will Queen's books there, too! LOVE Queen materials! Have a great year!

  4. Looks like some good stuff. We are also doing a state study this year. I've been woring on getting a postcard from each state. We had also found the Musing of Me. I wish she was able to finish them because they look awesome.

    Have you ever looked at Discover the Scriptures. This is a wonderful scripture study program. We have done there B of Mormon one and will do the Hands on Church History this year. Have a good school year.:)

  5. Dana, we love Discover the Scriptures. We have the Old Testament one and will be using parts of that as well. I forgot to list it. Have a wonderful year.

  6. Sally, we have never used the Queens Curriculum before. I am happy to hear that you love it. It looks wonderful.

  7. Dawn, This will be our first year using FIAR. I wish I had found it when my daughter was smaller. It looks like a lot of fun.

  8. Wow, looks like a busy year for you. Glad to see I'm not the only one who takes from several resources to teach one subject, lol. BTW I love Child's History of the World. It is so much fun for me to read to the kids!!!! Have a great year!!!!

  9. Wow, what a line up! I hope you have a great year! We are using Math on the Level as well. Just started late in last year. Love it so far.

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog. It's always fun to find other LDS homeschoolers. I love Five in a Row! This is actually the first year, I think since we started, that I don't have anyone doing FIAR. I will miss it. I hope you have a great year!

  11. Sounds like a full year! We loved BFIAR and I look forward to FIAR this year.


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