Saturday, July 16, 2011

Play time...

Having a new baby is wonderful. I could easily stare at her all day long. She reminds me so much of when Rylee and Nathan were newborns. She is so sweet. 

However, sleep is something of the past... I feel very tired (not complaining). I am happy to give up the sleep. I have noticed that I haven't had the energy to play with Rylee and Nathan very much.

Tim and I decided that we will start putting our kids to bed one hour early. During the first half hour I go and play with Nathan in his room while Tim plays with Rylee in her room and then we switch for the second half hour. We play games, do puzzles, read stories, cuddle, whatever they want. They seem to be really enjoying it. They don't even fight us about going to bed anymore.

I feel really good about this change but I want to do more with them during the day too. So for accountability I have decided to do a weekly post about our unstructured playtime. This will be time that we all play together. Singing, dancing, puzzles, games, etc.

I am also starting a few things with my kids to give them more individual time with me. 

Rylee's Individual Time Projects: 

Dollhouse: For her birthday she will be receiving a dollhouse. I plan to spend time playing with her each week. We can build our own furniture and things. I think she will really like it.

Paper Dolls: We will be making our own paper dolls and playing with them together.

Writing Stories: Rylee loves to narrate stories and have me write them down for her and then she illustrates them. I am planning to do this once a week.

Nathan's Individual Time Projects:

Chess: I am going to start playing Chess with Nathan. At first we will just practice setting up the board and moving the pieces in the appropriate way and go from there.

Collection: I am still trying to figure out what kind of collection he would like to collect. Once I do, I will help him. Should be fun for him.

I am working on more ideas... Suggestions??

What are your favorite games/activities to play with your kids?

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