Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Birth Story: Part two

Part 1

Warning: This may contain things that some people would rather not hear about. :) And sorry about any typos...

Edit: My water broke at about 12:30. :)

Tim went to sleep so that he would be rested when I really started to need him. 

After I straightened my hair I went and laid down and tried to sleep. Laying down, my contractions became much more painful. They were between 3 minutes and 8 minutes apart lasting about a minute. I laid there for an hour or two. At 4:30 am I called my midwife Charlene again. She said she would be there at around 6:00 am. When she showed up they suddenly slowed down to about 8 minutes apart. They slowly became more and more intense. Walking helped with the pain. So every time I started having a contraction I would jump up and start speed walking through my house and then I would sit down and start chatting with Charlene again.

Tim's mom and sister came over around 7:30 got the kids ready to go with them for all kinds of fun. Tim woke up when they were getting ready to leave. My contractions were more intense. Walking was still helping. Getting up on my tiptoes helped too. Tim brought me sliced apples and grapes. They tasted really good.

Around 8:30, I mentioned what a beautiful day it was and that I wished we could go outside. Charlene asked "why can't we". I then remembered I didn't have to follow hospital rules!! They put some water in the birthing tub. Tim, Charlene and I went for a long walk through my neighborhood. We walked for about an hour. My contractions were about 5 minutes apart. They were pretty strong by this point. Each time I had a contraction I would wrap my arms around Tim's neck and lean on him and wait it out. The walk was wonderful. The sunshine made me feel better. 

When we came back home, They filled the birthing tub up the rest of the way. My contractions were now very painful. Tim helped me move around in all kinds of positions. Nothing was helping. I decided to get into the birthing tub. While I was getting in the tub, Tim made me a smoothie with berries, plain yogurt and Nu Plus. So yummy!

I finished the smoothie in between contractions. The contractions at this point were so painful and kept moving my body all over a little out of control. I joked that I was ready for my epidural (I really was just kidding). :) Charlene helped me to hold still and relax my body. Tim helped me to breath correctly. They worked really well together. It kind of seemed as though they had had a rehearsal. I started feeling really hot. They gave me ice cold wash cloths to put over my face. I had several more extremely painful contractions and then I had one that just went on and on. It wouldn't stop. 

I started feeling really dizzy and asked Tim to get me out of the pool. I thought I was going to pass out. I put my arms around his neck and he pulled me out of the pool. Charlene recieved a phone call from my other midwife Charlotte. She was calling to say she was almost there. I felt a buzzing feeling all throughout my body and I didn't understand what I was feeling. I started to feel panicky. I thought I was going to pass out from the pain. The contraction would not stop. 

All of a sudden I let out this loud moan and dropped onto the floor. I kind of freaked Tim out because he was trying to hold me up but I wanted him to let me go. Charlene asked me if I felt like I needed to push. I said no. Then I thought about it and said "I need to poop". She calmly told me to go ahead and push. (Apparently, it feels like you have to poop when it is time to push.) :)

Once I tried pushing I knew that was what my body had been waiting for. The contraction felt different immediately. I had my eyes open but all I saw was stars. I could here them telling me to breath and wait to push and stuff but I was past the point of following directions. My body took over and I pushed and pushed, I couldn't stop. At one point I remember Charlene saying "your okay" and said " I am not okay, I am not okay." I was crying and I was thinking it hurt. :) All of this pushing took about 8 minutes! I finally I felt the baby come out and I just started crying more and I couldn't believe how amazing it felt. I went from feeling so much pain to feeling like they had just given me happy drugs in seconds. 

I was lying there on the living room floor propped up against the couch. Not the most comfortable place to have a baby. :) Charlene put the baby on my chest and I saw that we had a baby GIRL!!! She was blue and I felt panicky again. She wasn't crying or anything and she didn't look good to me. Charlene kept saying that she was okay. She was fine. She told us to touch her and talk to her. She had us feel the umbilical cord so that we could feel the pulsing so that we would know she was getting oxygen. It felt like forever but she finally let out a cry.

After a short while I asked if I could move to my bed. Tim took the baby in one arm and carried the bowl with the placenta in it that was still attached to the baby in his other hand. (never thought he would do something like that). They carefully helped me move to the bed. They gave me back the baby. 

The kids came home and they waited in the living room while Tim cut the cord.  

They came in to meet their new sister and it was so wonderful to see them. I was so overwhelmed with emotion. Nathan was a little reserved. Rylee was thrilled to meet her. I nursed the baby and she figured it out right away. 

What an amazing experience. I cannot even put into words how wonderful it was. Tim loved the home birth experience as well. As soon as I was done I knew that I would do it this way again if given the chance. I am so thankful for my midwives and for Tim. He was so amazing through the whole thing. I love my little family and I am so grateful to be a mom.

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