Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week in Review #3

Calendar Time:
This week we started our new revamped Calendar Time. Unfortunately the magnets and velcro I ordered have not arrived yet. So we just held up the different things and did them individually. In the future I will put them up on a white board. I have a lot of pictures of our new things. We had a shape and color each day. We checked the weather. Counted the days we have been in school. We talked about the date and day. We also practiced a song and a scripture verse and several other things.

They did lessons using Math U See and Time4Learning.

Language Arts: 
We played on Starfall. Rylee did lessons on Time4Learning.
We did a few lessons from "Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons". 

We read two Bob Books...

Our letter of the week this week was the letter Cc for Caterpillar. I will do a post with pictures of the different activities we did with this.
Nathan is still working on his first name in all capital letters and Rylee is working on her first and last name with Capital and Lowercase letters.

In our Apologia Astronomy book we read about the Sun.

We also read: Uncover the human body- Nathan's favorite book right now, he looks at it several times a day.

For Geography we have been pointing things out on the United States Map. We also used the Tag reading system United States Map and World Map which is interactive and fun. I have a really fun Geography unit that we will start soon.

We colored several times. We also did a few projects for Letter of the Week. We did Beautiful Junk. 

Gospel Study: 
I read from the Old Testament. We practiced memorizing the verse Matthew 5:14 Ye are the light of the world. We practiced singing a song from the Children's songbook "I am a child of God". I read from the children's Old Testament Stories. 

Family Read Aloud: 
Prince Caspian- Yes we are still reading this. I keep falling asleep after two pages. I really like the book but I think pregnancy is making me tired.

Picture books: (the ones I can remember anyway :) )
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom- we read this every week to go with our Letter of the Week. Nathan calls it Chicken Back Boom Boom. :)
One Fine Day
Harold and the Purple Crayon- my all time favorite book as a child.
Berenstains' A Book
Mr. Brown can Moo! Can you?
Danny and the Dinosaur- another of my favorites as a child
Helen Oxenbury's Big Baby Book
The Big Shiny Sparkly First Words Book
The Farm
Mrs. Brice's Mice- a favorite from when I was a kid

Books on CD: (We need to do a library run- mostly the same as last week)
Pippi Longstocking
The Magicians Nephew
The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe
Tales of the fourth grade Nothing
Super Fudge

Sign Language: We watch Signing Time videos all the time. These are great!

Unit Study: We didn't do a Unit Study this week but I am planning one for Valentine's Day!

Homeschool Group:
We did a tour of the Everett Bus Station and then went on a bus ride. We finished by playing at McDonald's.

Learning through Play:
Triangle magnet blocks that form a cube- Nathan can't get enough play with these.
Wendy's had these linking toys in their happy meals and Nathan has been building everything he can think of with them.
And much more...

I will post photos of our week soon.

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