Sunday, June 12, 2011

39 weeks tomorrow...

I don't have much more time left. I feel a lot more organized now. I am re- deep cleaning to prepare for baby. I found most of the baby clothes and other things. We have a car seat!! That is always a plus. I spent a couple of days washing and folding baby clothes and it definitely made me want to hold this teeny little baby in my arms. It is so amazing how small they start out. 

Not knowing the sex does complicate some things. I have a boy and a girl section for everything... onesies, pajamas, receiving blankets, sleep 'n' plays, outfits. It takes up more space right now but as soon as the baby is born I will have all that extra room. 

My discomfort level is HIGH! That is all the complaining that I will do. :)
The baby seems to be content to stay put for now. Although with both Rylee and Nathan I was completely caught by surprise. I doubt this time will be any different. 

Rylee and Nathan are so excited to meet the baby. They can't believe how long it takes. 

Yes, I am noticing that this is a very random posts of thoughts... but one last thing...

This is the first time that I have had a newborn baby with a cat. Should I be worried. She loves to climb into things and I am scared that she will get in the babies bed. Should I lock her in a room at night? Any thoughts... suggestions... 

Anyway, can't wait to meet this little one. Maybe this will be my last weekly post... :)

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