Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I need to get birth supplies???

Oregano Oil Extract: This is a natural antibiotic 
Garlic: Another natural antibiotic
Witch Hazel and Cotton Squares: This is the same as Tucks Medicated pads.
Hose: used to fill birthing pool (needs to be new).
6-8 clean towels , hand towels and washcloths: (Placed in a paper bag waiting for birth). I added several more for perineal massage.
Shower Curtain: To place under birthing sheets to protect mattress
2 sets of sheets: Clean and ready to go... When labor starts: Make bed with 1st set of sheets, place shower curtain on top of 1st set of sheets, add second set of sheets. This way after the baby is delivered, the 1st set of sheets can be removed along with the shower curtain and mama and baby have a clean bed ready and waiting for resting.
Diapers and wipes: for baby of course
Nipple Shield: just in case, my first baby needed one at first for nursing because I was so engorged. 
2-3 Maternity Sleep bras: These are my personal favorites, very comfortable. No clasps to deal with.
Breast Pads: A necessity for me
Lanolin: For Breast
Camera/ Video camera with fully charged batteries and extra memory cards
6-8 receiving blankets
6-8 onesies
3-4 newborn nightgowns
Crockpot: To keep clean warm washcloths in for Perineal massage
Olive Oil: For use in a Perineal rinse bottle for Perineal massage
Tennis Balls: For deep massage

Did I forget anything???

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