Monday, May 30, 2011

Nathan's Birth Story: Part 2- It's a Boy!

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I had fairly regular contractions all that day. That night I put Rylee down to sleep and then climbed in bed at about 9:30 pm. I leaned far over to grab something on the floor and I heard a "POP". I was so scared because I felt something snap in me. 

I called Tim in the room and told him that I thought I had squished the baby too much and broke his leg inside of me. He went and got me a towel because apparently I have a hard time realizing when my water has actually broken. The weird thing is I had time to put the towel under me before water gushed everywhere. I have no idea what the delay was.

It was late and Rylee was sleeping so my mom told us to leave Rylee with her even though she was really sick (the next morning Tim's sister Tami was going to pick her up and keep her at her house until we came home). 

Once again we (Tim's mom, Tim and I) drove back to Seattle. On the way there my contractions became pretty intense. I could tell that I was moving along faster then I did with Rylee. 

When we arrived at the hospital, I again told them my water had broken. One nurse just took one look at the towel between my legs and said "Oh ya, your water has broken." But then the same mean nurse from earlier made her use a test strip to make sure. She practically snarled as she explained that I had already been in there once that day "claiming" that my water had broke. She really was mean. I don't think I was being over sensitive. The test strip proved that I was indeed in labor. 

They wheeled me into my room and I met my nurse. She was to stay with me the entire time and never leave my side because I was considered high risk because of my heart condition. Luckily, she was super nice and I really enjoyed having her as my nurse, especially after the mean lady. :) This time around I only had one doctor and one nurse. What a difference...
They strapped me to all kinds of monitors and I couldn't move at all. The contractions felt so much more painful laying on my back like that. I decided to just get the epidural. I didn't have to wait very long and the anesthesiologist was much faster then the last one. It took about ten minutes. I probably only had to deal with 2-3 contractions while he was inserting it. It really was a huge difference from my experience during Rylee's labor. 

The epidural took the pain away but this time I could feel my legs going in and out of being numb. It was a terrible sensation. What I remember the most was being itchy. I felt like I was scratching so hard that I was going to rip my skin off. Tim and I slept most of the night, but I kept waking up because I was so itchy. The doctor said that sometimes happens and typically gets worse with each time. Yikes, I don't think I want to try another epidural if that is the case. I was much more rested this time around then I was with Rylee though. 

Just before 7am I was fully dilated. It was shift change time, but my wonderful nurse stayed with me anyway. I pushed for thirteen minutes and at 7:17 am there was my sweet little boy. He was dark purple. The cord was wrapped around his neck. They made some comments about taking him to the NICU. I felt desperate, I didn't want that again. Luckily they decided he would be okay. After they watched him for a little while they gave him to me. He was still a little purple...

They weighed and measured him... 7 lbs 6 oz 19 1/2 inches long.

His coloring started looking normal, I nursed him a little. 

Later Tami and Tennille brought Jadeyn and Rylee down to the hospital to meet the baby...

We did a name drawing to pick his first name. But then we ended up going against the drawing and choosing Nathan Michael.

Nathan loved his binky, he was super noisy when he sucked on it. 
My mom finally gets to hold him... 

What a blessing my babies are to me. I am so excited to meet this little one on the way!

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