Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Front load washers are a waste of money!!

Our washer is about four years old- maybe a little less. This week it broke for the 2nd time! Wonderful timing- the same two week period as Easter, Tim's birthday, my dad's birthday and Nathan's birthday. Apparently small items get stuck in some kind of drain thing and cause it to stop working. I have no idea how things like that get by me. :) My repair man said - check the pockets. I don't have time to check pockets. :) Well I guess I have to if I don't want to deal with this again. Last time it was repaired they did not tell us what was wrong with it but this repair guy not only gave me the preventative advice, but he also told me how to fix it if it happens again. I thought that was nice of him. I will be buying a plain old boring washing machine next time. Glad to be able to do laundry again.

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