Friday, May 27, 2011

Nathan's Birth Story: Part 1- Pregnancy

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Nathan's Birth Story Part 2

I found out that I was pregnant right after Rylee's 2nd birthday. 

I decided to use a midwife this time around. I found one that I loved but unfortunately she couldn't deliver my baby because of my heart condition. She referred me to the perinatologist at Swedish Medical in Seattle. I continued to see her as if she was going to deliver my baby just because I really liked her but I had weekly appointments in Seattle too. I had constant stress test, ultrasounds, contraction test and who knows what else.  It was interesting with a two year old who didn't sit still while mom was strapped to a machine. 

When we found out we were having a boy, we knew right away that his middle name would be Michael. Michael was Tim's dads name. Tim lost his father when he was 16. We were completely unsure about a first name.

As my pregnancy progressed one of the ultrasound ladies was nice enough to give me some print outs of a 3D ultrasound. That was fun to see. We narrowed our name search down to three names... Nathan, Alexander and I honestly cannot remember the third (maybe someone else does?). 

Tim's sisters did my baby shower at Tami's house. This time it was just ladies. I cannot find any photos of this??? But once again I have photos of the presents. :) And I definitely was spoiled... again.
(Don't mind the blinds, we had a new puppy and it took him all of one day to do that damage...

I painted his nursery and put a border in between the two colors. I cannot find any photos of the finished nursery. I was such a slacker back then.

We will pretend that this is what it looked like when I was done...
(that border is the one I had seperating the two colors)
8 months pregnant...

Nathan's going home outfit. The shoes that went with this were so adorable. They were flipped in the photo so you cannot see them.

With this pregnancy my mom came out a few days early. I thought that because Rylee was two weeks early that I would have this baby early too. I was wrong. 

On April 30 (the day before my due date) I felt a little splash and realized my water had broke.  It wasn't a lot of liquid like it had been with Rylee but it was definitely something. It was early and I wasn't really experiencing any pain yet so I took my time getting ready. My mom was feeling sick so she opted to stay home with Rylee. Tim's mom came and picked me up and we drove to Seattle. Tim was working in Seattle, so we grabbed him on the way. I was starting to have contractions but they were not regular yet. 

When we arrived at the hospital they checked me out and told me that my water had not broken. They were pretty rude about it too. Not gentle in the examination at all. I am thinking this nurse seriously needed a vacation. I was really confused because I had definitely had liquid run down my leg (yes, I checked to make sure it wasn't pee). :) I must have just had a small hole and leaked or something. Anyway they were mean to me and sent me home. 

By the time we got home my mom was much sicker (stomach flu). Good thing we came home. 

I had fairly regular contractions all that day. That night I got Rylee to sleep and then climbed in bed. I leaned far over to grab something on the floor and I heard a "POP" and felt something snap inside of me. I was scared...

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